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We supply MAGHAMMERS - SOLID STATE HAMMERS, with Stand Alone Controllers (auto or manual) and the latest Beckhoff Controllers with their respective Bus Terminals and communication modules (for direct connection of motor starters and contactors to the Bus Terminal system) for full control and diagnostics.

MAGHAMMERS alleviate BRIDGING, CLOGGING and CAKING of dry materials in Silo’s, Hoppers, Vats, Vessels and Chutes without causing metal fatigue or structural damage.




Go Switches, MeanWell Power Supplies and Exair Products are supplied in conjunction with Maghammers as an integral part of Project Engineering.


MAGHAMMER is an electromagnetic hammering device. A piston moves in suspension transferring its kinetic energy to the flexible structure

5 Good Reasons to invest in Maghammers:


Alleviates bridging, caking and clogging.


• Far more effective than vibrators or air canon.


• Does away with manual intervention by means of hammers, “gwalas” and other blunt instruments.


• Does not damage the silos / hoppers / bins.


• Requires ZERO maintenance


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